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Complete streets to become reality in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach is making it a priority for roads to be more convenient no matter how you want to get around - walking, bicycle, or public transit.

City Council adopted a resolution to apply the Complete Streets policy into every potential road project. Now anytime a developer is looking at building a road, or the city is doing repairs or maintenance on an existing one, they'll be looking at how to make it convenient for every type of transportation.

Recently, many of the city's road projects have been considered complete Streets projects, like improvements on Ocean Boulevard.

Complete Streets are designed to be safe for everyone- pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and public transit riders. It is easy to cross the street, walk to shops or bicycle to work.

City Council's new policy says that road project planners and designers with the city or a private developer will have to look at how the road can serve everyone, not just drivers, and it will push to implement the policy.

It doesn't mean every new road project will include bike lanes or sidewalks. Many people feel on Seaboard Street, for instance, sidewalks needed; but on the Bypass it's different because it wouldn't be safe to bike or be on a sidewalk there. That's why the city said there isn't a standard when it comes to the complete streets policy.

There won't be a large project from the city that will lay sidewalks on every street that doesn't have them, because there is no way the city could afford the cost.

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