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SpaceX rocket headed to Space Station explodes Sunday

Cape Canaveral, Florida, (WMBF) - An unmanned SpaceX rocket headed to the International Space Station, exploded after launch Sunday.

The rocket was carrying more than 2 tons of supplies, including 1,500 pounds of food and provisions for the crew aboard the space station.

Three space station astronauts were awaiting the arrival of  Space X's shipment meant to arrive Tuesday.

SpaceX said that an "anomaly" had caused the spaceship to fail and was investigating.

NASA initially stated " It is not clear what happened".

Space X has made seven trips to the ISS under a contract with NASA.

Former NASA astronaut Mark Polansky, tweeted that the failure will not immediately affect those aboard. " ISS priority is crew safety."

The launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida Sunday, was supposed to be the SpaceX third attempt to recover the rocket that launches it's spacecraft.

SpaceX plans to launch its first rocket with humans on board in 2017.

NASA is set to hold a press conference later Sunday.

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