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Study: Car insurance premium jumps 88 percent in SC when teen drivers are added to policy

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The cost to insure teen drivers when they're ready to get behind the wheel is on the rise.

When a couple adds a teen driver to a car insurance policy- new numbers show they're going to pay an average of 88 percent more on their premium in South Carolina. The numbers are according to a new study from

AAA Carolina's explained to put it simply, teen drivers are more likely to get into a car accident, and car insurance companies have a formula that looks at their age and zip code before giving a quote.

The bad news- South Carolina is one of the priciest states, and even worse, zip codes in Horry County are especially costly. One factor, according to AAA, is because our roads aren't designed to handle the 16.2 million visitors who use them each year. South Carolina is also one of the highest states for uninsured and under-insured drivers. Add that into the fact that we Horry County is in a hurricane zone, and those three factors make the cost and liability to insure young drivers skyrocket.

Experts at AAA Carolinas say you have to be your own advocate to get the cost down. Shop around for quotes if you're adding your teen to a policy, and don't let your kid talk you into a flashy car- get something sensible with a good insurance rating.

But specifically, "Driver's Ed,” according to Justin Merrill, an Insurance consultant AAA Carolina's. “Driver's Ed is a huge thing. There's not an exact percentage, each company's a little different. We shop at AAA through a lot of different companies and they all have their little criteria. And it could range from anywhere from 5 percent up to ten percent depending on the location."

Make sure future drivers get and keep their grades up- many companies also offer a good student discount and the cost will drop if your kid gets A's and B's.

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