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Local churches ring bells for Charleston

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On the first Sunday since a shooting that left nine people dead at a Charleston Church, places all over the state are paying tribute.

One push to honor the victims who lost their lives started out in Charleston, but spread statewide.

Nine bells rang out in Myrtle Beach. They symbolized the nine victims, and nine families who were thrown into a situation they never could have imagined this past week in Charleston.

"We are with them, and support them, and everyone that is affected in every way,” said Myrtle Beach city councilman Wayne Gray.

In between each bell, was time to think, and time to pray for what happened in Charleston Wednesday night.

"If we don't take a moment and recognize this tragedy, if we don't take a moment and promise to work against future tragedies, then I think it would be very negligent,” explained Cam Thomas, a pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Beach.

The idea of honoring each victim in the recent Charleston shooting started with churches in the Holy City, but quickly spread across the state.

Churches from Myrtle Beach, to Mullins, and Conway to Surfside Beach all announced they would take part.

Once the clock struck ten, the bells began to chime.

"I saw people embracing each other, holding hands, lifting each other up, and I actually saw some tears and faces of deep concern,” said Thomas.

The tribute was done differently all over town, but the same sounds rang out.

Some churches paid their respects more intimately, inside the building. Others shared with the world.

Each separate act, showed no matter how different, folks all around the state are standing strong with Charleston.

"What i know that we can come from this event is that, if we can care a little more and we can love a little more, and put those feelings into action, we'll be a better place,” said Gray.

So with all debates and discussions on hold until later, folks here in the Grand Strand did one thing.

They stayed quiet, to show that while the two cities may be separated in geography, they are together in love, and compassion.

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