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Dozens gather in Myrtle Beach to pray for Charleston victims

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People all over the state are still grieving the nine victims in Wednesday night's shooting in Charleston, including right here in Myrtle Beach.

Almost one hundred miles away, the pain from Wednesday night's shooting in Charleston was still visible in Myrtle Beach Saturday night.

"It's not just Charleston, it's all over,” said Sylvia Blain “We need to come together. It's time."

Dozens followed that same advice Saturday night, gathering at Christ United Methodist Church.

The purpose was simple: come together, pray, and ask God for answers.

"There's always something good that comes from the bad, and I am profoundly inspired by what I see good coming out of this incident,” said Joseph Washington, a local pastor.

Washington spent Thursday in Charleston and says he's seeing the same togetherness here that he saw in the Holy City. He believes it's the way the world is supposed to be.

"The shooter's attempt got it wrong,” He said. “Instead of dividing us, it brought us together. Instead of instilling hate, it brought love."

That love was easy to see inside the church - love for Charleston, love for one another, and love for a higher being.

"I love seeing lots of different people from different churches, different races, different places; it was just beautiful to see the people who came together tonight,” said Jeff Dunn, pastor at the church.

So together the folks prayed, together they sang songs, and together they looked for those same answers everyone is looking for all over the country.

The answers may not come now, but they hope they come one day, so this pain and heartbreak won't be felt again.

"Either we learn to live together as brothers or sisters, or we perish as fools, as Martin Luther King said,” explained Washington.

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