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Recent neighbors to alleged shooter Dylann Roof speak out about the weeks before the shooting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Recent neighbors to the alleged shooter, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, speak out about the weeks leading up to the church shooting. 

Seeing Dylan Roof's mug shot for the first time, will be something his recent neighbors never forget. They say they remember just two weeks ago, the same blank stare.

"That he just didn't say a word, nothing. He was blank, sat there starred," Melanie Delpit said.

"It's that quiet, blank, cold stare," Cassie Mosteller remembered. 

20-year-old, Cassie Mosteller invited Roof into her home as a kind gesture. Something her mother, can't begin to wrap her head around.

"A murderer sitting on your couch, I mean she's got to deal with that," Delpit said. 

Although she invited him in with the mutual group of friends and neighbors he had been staying with, Mosteller says it didn't take her long to realize something was off.

"He didn't speak to anyone, didn't say anything, didn't have really any human interaction at that point, at that point I assumed he was disconnected from wanting to be around people, and wanting to talk," Mosteller explained. 

Despite seeing his behavior that night, Mosteller never would have thought just weeks later, he would be a suspect in a mass murder and hate crime.

"Never did I think he was going to go out and do what he did to those people in Charleston. I never thought and go and just, you know I never thought he would do something like that," Mosteller said as she held back tears. 

According to Cassie's mother, others did know what Roof was potentially capable of, she says some people he was directly staying with knew he had a gun and knew he planned to use it. and she wants to know why no one came forward.

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