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Everyday people gather in support of the Holy City

CHARLESTON, SC (WMBF) - Friday, Charleston continued to clean the stain of the city's reputation following the senseless shooting, beginning with everyday people showing support.

The memorial site continues to grow along with the sense of unity people living and visiting Charleston have.

It's a sense of support for the community, and a sign the Holy City will heal.

Randi Olson was in the Lowcountry Friday, visiting from Ohio.

"[Charleston] will heal. And it will heal because of the people,” he confided.

It will take time to get there, but the city is determined.

“It's not a reflection on Charleston. Unfortunately, it is a reflection of many foolish people in the country and to think something this ignorant could happen in this day and age,” said Larry Olson.

The act of evil doesn't represent Charleston – but the united community does. Friends of victims killed spend time here helping others.

“Someone may be out here that needs a hug, an encouraging word. So that's why I came,” said Constance Gilbert who lost a friend in the massacre.

Gilbert's friend's name, Reverend DePayne Middleton-Doctor, waves in the wind on one of nine ribbons lining the church gate – one for each life lost. Onlookers were brought to tears in front of the makeshift memorial.

"We want to support our brothers and sisters. It's important to bring Jensen, our son, because this is history. And although there is evil in the world, there always will be, we're here to pray and support the people,” said the Tarver family who visited the memorial Friday. 

While these flowers and signs are temporary, they show a permanence in the loss - a balloon for Father's Day really represents that empty seat at a family table every night. 

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