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People waiting until sunset to go outdoors

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Many of those who exercise outdoors, are finding themselves avoiding the heat instead and waiting until the sun goes down. 

For some, the heat wave has been unbearable. 

"The air hasn't been moving a lot, it's been humid, It's been miserable to be out during the day or the middle of the day," Aaron Jordan said.

"It's rough for sure, it's definitely very humid," Hannah Gaddis said. 

"It's blistering, it's definitely way worse than last year was, hopefully, we catch a break," Ben Hewes added. 

Since many are unsure when the temperatures will drop, some are improvising and waiting until the sun goes down.

"It's definitely a lot cooler right now, and we thought it would be nice to get him out for a little exercise," Hannah Gaddis said. 

Gaddis was out riding her bike with her friend and her baby Wednesday night and she says they weren't the only ones taking advantage of the breeze. 

"We've passed quite a few people since we've been riding out here," Gaddis explained. 

"It's cooler and people get to enjoy it more," Justin McCabe said. 

McCabe was out with several friends sitting by the lake, something he says they wouldn't have been able to do any earlier. 

"I don't like the sun, it's too much for me," Merly Jordan said. Merly and her husband, Avery, choose to wait until the sun is about to go down to take their nightly walk. 

"We've been coming here very later, just before it gets dark because we feel it's safer, and you've got this breeze out here, maybe coming from the ocean," Avery Jordan explained. 

Though many find the night time do bring somewhat of a break, some say it's still very hot. 

"Yeah some, you know, but not much though, not much," Hewes said. 

Until the temperatures drop, many say they will continue to wait until the sun goes down to get outside and exercise, but only if there is a breeze. 

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