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Car struck by bullets on trip to NMB

A bullet hole on the Skelton's SUV A bullet hole on the Skelton's SUV
Bullet fragments were found in the backseat said Tabor City police Bullet fragments were found in the backseat said Tabor City police
CHADBOURN, NC (WMBF) - Busted windows and bullet holes are what one couple found on the passenger side of their vehicle while traveling to North Myrtle Beach. Now, they're warning anyone driving the same way through Chadbourn.

“I commented to my husband ‘this is kind of spooky.' There were no street lights, it was really dark,” Sue Skelton started to recall.

It started as a road trip to their condo in North Myrtle Beach with the GPS leading the Skeltons through Chadbourn for the first time. It was a route they never took before, and one they will never take again.

“We hadn't gone far when I heard ‘pow pow pow.' I thought it was rocks hitting the windshield and he said ‘Honey, that wasn't a rock,'” said Mrs. Skelton.

They immediately saw the two shattered windows in the backseat and called 911. That is when the couple said a dispatcher directed them to turn back around and head to the police station.

“I said ‘No ma'am, we are scared to death.' So, she took my cell phone and said an officer would call us. No one called us back,” Mrs. Skelton explained.

Too scared to pull over, not knowing who pulled the trigger or if that person was following them, the couple was able to find a police officer in Tabor City. That officer immediately took action, documenting the scene and pulling a bullet fragment from the backseat. 

“We have a hole on the inside here where it exited and it went into the seat here,” Bob Skelton said as he showed the damage done to his vehicle.

Bob Skelton believes the backseat stopped the bullet from striking him.

“It was headed for the driver,” said Mr. Skelton as he pointed showed the angle of the bullet hole.

It is the same seat where their two-year-old granddaughter normally sits.

“It is terrifying. To say the least,” expressed Mr. Skelton.

The couple has been told different scenarios surrounding the shooting.

“We were told it could be a couple of young boys shooting at each other across the street,” said Mrs. Skelton.

Or possibly someone trying to shoot out their tires in an attempt to rob them.

“What could have happened, it could have been a very different scenario,” said Mr. Skelton.

The police captain in Tabor City said it is an unfortunate incident, but he believes Chadbourn is a safe place for people to drive through. 

The Skeltons have another opinion, and take the situation as a reminder to never take tomorrow for granted. 

“I guess reflecting has been rougher than the event in a sense,” shared Mr. Skelton. 

The case is still open, as police search for the suspected shooter. 

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