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Ocean outfall project to complete on schedule

 MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The deep water ocean outfall project at 4th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach is slated to be done on schedule, according to city leaders.

The huge machinery out in the ocean is hard to miss for anyone out on the beach. Many people stop to take pictures of it, wondering what is being built. City spokesman Mark Kruea says it is not a new pier like some people think, but the next phase of the outfall project.

After a cold, rainy winter, the construction is back on track. Crews have moved off the beach, so the work being done now is beyond the surf zone.

When this project is finished, it will carry rain water and storm drainage water under the beach, out 11-hundred feet, and dump it into the ocean. The pipes that will be used are seven feet in diameter. This outfall will eliminate nine of the storm drainage pipes you see along the beach between 9th Avenue and 1st Avenue North. That's about 87 acres worth of runoff.

“We have plans for more,” says Kruea. “They are expensive propositions, seeing as this one is about $10.3 million. They go up to $15 million in some cases. So we need to budget and find the money to that. But yes, we would like to put more in.”

If you're wondering why we would channel water that we don't want pooling on the beach into the ocean, it does go through filters as it's pumped out. That way things like cigarette butts and plastics won't pollute the oceans.

This project started in September of last year. And is still on target to be finished up in November 2015.

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