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City water meets quality report expectations

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The recent water quality report for Myrtle Beach states the city's water meets or exceeds all federal and state standards.

This report is required of all the water distributors in the nation. It's designed to let you know what's in the water and if it's safe. Based on the numbers, the city's water is very good meaning the water treatment plant is doing its job.

Some people don't prefer it, but if you take a sip of water from the tap, it doesn't have an overwhelming smell or taste. But according to city spokesman, Mark Kruea, it didn't always used to be that way here.

“Prior to the mid 1980's though, we used deep water wells and pulled water up from the earth that was part of the treatment system,” says Kruea. “Back in the old days when you came to the beach, literally the old days 30 or 40 years ago, the water may have tasted a little salty. And that's because it was well water. But we haven't been on well water since, really, 1985.”

So now, our water is free of that salt-water taste but the report also shows it's safe for you. It shows each chemical that is in the water, what the standard safe level is, and how Myrtle Beach's water stacks up. With every chemical, the city's levels are all within safe guidelines.

The report also shows the average person uses over 100 gallons of water at home each day. For tips on how to cut down on wasteful water habits or for a look at the full report, click here. ( And if you would like to compare the city's water quality with other areas or Horry County, click here. (

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