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Heat wave is hurting pets

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Every day, the Grand Strand Humane Society is brought heat exhausted pets from Myrtle Beach Animal Control. They have tips on how to keep your pets safe during the heat wave and throughout the summer.

Animals are safest inside, but if they have to be outside:

-be sure to give them cool water

-refill the water several times a day

-and provide your pet with shade, using shelter such as a dog house.

Pet care experts say if your dog is panting intensely, it needs water. When it comes to walks, the Humane Society suggests you take your dogs out in the early morning or late afternoon. Bring water for both you and your pet and don't over-do the walk.

The Humane Society says the one thing they are seeing too often are pets trapped in cars. Temperatures inside a vehicle can reach well over 100 degrees in just minutes, even with the window cracked. This can lead to brain damage for a pet. Animal control may also take animals out of cars and bring them to the Humane Society if left unattended.

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