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How to brace for heat wave

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Special preparation goes into making sure that your power stays up and running, especially during extreme weather conditions.

When it's too cold or too hot, it's likely you find yourself toying with the thermostat. It's when everyone is demanding more from the main systems that experts make sure we all continue to have energy.

“We stay busy,” Misty Ryals, co-owner of the Sundae House said.

If you have been to Florence, you know all about the Sundae House.

It sits along West Palmetto Street and has been around since the 1940's.

During hot days like we had on Monday, it sees its fair share of customers.

“Come to Sundae House and set in our misting system,” said Ryals.

At the little joint, customers sit outside under an awning and fans and mist help keep the area cool.

Like any other kitchen, the folks serving up ice cream and burgers said it gets even hotter when temperatures soar like temperatures as hot as Monday's.

“Our building is only 700 square feet so it's always hot in here with all the refrigeration and the fans, also all the windows are always open,” Ryals said.

A lot of pre-planning goes into to keeping the Sundae House pumping out ice cream and your house cool.

“We have centers in both Raleigh and Charlotte that both monitor the demand on our system,” Mindy Taylor, spokesperson for Duke Energy Progress said. “They are always looking at the energy supply that's needed to match it up with demand. Supply always has to equal demand with electricity.”

It's at those centers, Duke experts monitor things like climate. Those readings help to forecast just how much more energy we all will be consuming during specific times of the year.

Duke generates power through nuclear, hydro-electric and renewable energy sources.

“We're looking at the most efficient generation that we have. If one type of generation is more cost effective that another type, then that's the type they'll bring on first,” Taylor said.

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