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Better Business Bureau is predicting a new online scam that can take place nationwide

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Leaders at the Coastal Carolina Better Business Bureau are predicting a new online scam is about to spread nation-wide and be very hard to crack.


Kathy Graham, the President and CEO of the local BBB, says the fake company called Goshen Courier Express is trying to rope unsuspecting victims in to do its dirty work. The company advertises on online job sites offering opportunities for you to make money working from home. The company's website, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, claims that you will be processing products and orders for its customers.


After putting your personal information in on the site, you are hired. The company will start mailing you products like iPads and jewelry. You then have to take a picture of the item and upload it for the company to see. Someone will then reply to you with instructions to turn it on or test it out to make sure it works. Then someone will email you a shipping label and instruct you to package it up and mail it out. Your name is also printed on the return label. You ship it off, but BBB leaders say you will never get a paycheck in return.


"They're putting themselves in grave danger, as far as I'm concerned,” says Graham. “Because, one, these people that are dealing with stolen credit cards now have your personal information. And, two, you are shipping the stolen credit card purchased items. So it's going to come back on the innocent consumer. They're going to be held liable for that."


As police track these items people are shipping, they are finding that the goods are being purchased with stolen credit cards. This is an ongoing investigation that federal agents are also involved in.


Goshen Courier Express claims to operate out of Wilmington, North Carolina. So far, there are victims in five different states including North and South Carolina.


"There are some legitimate work-at-home jobs, there's no question about it,” reminds Graham. “But you need to validate and verify before you put your information out there. You don't want people to have your name, address, social security number, and driver's license number and all that information. Especially if you're moving hot goods. It's not a good thing. You could end up in trouble. You could end up going to jail for it until it's all sorted out. It's very scary."


There are other warning signs to look out for to make sure you're not falling for a fake online business. On the Goshen Courier Express' website, they actually have the BBB company seal. But when you click on that seal, it just takes you to the generic BBB page. This is a big red flag. Graham says whenever you're on a company's site and they claim to be backed by the BBB, clicking on the seal is supposed to take you directly to that company's review on the local BBB website.

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