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Conway police warn against phony schemes

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway Police have received complaints from residents regarding a phone scam. 

According to Conway police, residents have been receiving phone calls from people advising they are police officers or federal agents. These callers are stating things such as they have enough to arrest you unless you pay a large fine immediately by wire transfer or money order. They have also told residents that a family member is in jail and they need to transfer money to bail the person out of jail.

The Conway Police Department has issued the following reminders:

Law enforcement officers will not call you on the phone and demand money in turn for dropping or not issuing a warrant for your arrest. You can ask the caller their name, phone number and agency they are with and then hang up. We would then advise you to research that agency and find their official phone number and location and contact that agency directly to verify any information you have received.

Never transfer money or pay someone without researching the information on your own. Unfortunately these phone, mail and e-mail scams happen often and the caller changes the story often. We cannot warn you of every scenario people may use, but we can advise you that businesses and organizations are not going to contact you and ask for personal information to be given out via phone or email. Do not trust a number the caller gives you to verify the information. Research the number yourself and contact that organization to verify. These scammers have the availability to have any number show up on your caller ID, so do not trust the caller just because the number matches. You still need to hang up and verify that organizations number and then call it for yourself.

Please do all you can to protect your personal information and make sure to educate your family and friends on this information. By working together as a community, we can help each other to avoid these types of scams.

There are also reports of callers posing as IRS Agents. Please go to the link below and review the IRS website about current scams involving the use of their agency name.

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