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Couple narrowly escapes home after tree crushes it during storm

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A family is left to pick up the pieces from their home after a passing storm left a lasting impact on them.

William Crawford and his wife have lived in the house in Darlington County for decades. Tuesday, the couple was forced to find a new place to live following an evening thunderstorm.

“Seemed like everything. Thunder, lightning, raining,” said William Crawford. 

Crawford recalls sitting in the den with his wife while the storm raged on outside.

“In a word - devastating. It is hard to explain. All of a sudden everything goes quiet,” he said. 

It was as sudden as the strike of lightning he saw just seconds before; the giant tree slammed through the roof, slicing the house apart and offering no protection to the Crawford's inside the same room the tree landed on.

“We scrambled and got out from under the stuff and we got out,” said Crawford. 

The couple had to crawl under the branches to get out, the limbs laying directly on the chairs they were sitting on. They had to maneuver through the broken roof tiles, through the darkness of the house. Rainwater was pouring through the cracked open ceiling, and pouring from electrical sockets.

“It is hard to explain what happened and what it felt like,” said Crawford, still shaken up over the experience. 

While it may be hard to describe, it is easy to see the damage; both from outside where the tree crushed their vehicles, and inside where debris is scattered across living areas.

“It just…messed up everything in there. We were lucky to get out,” said Crawford. He and his wife thank God for being able to escape unscathed. 

Crawford is also thankful to have insurance. However, he and his wife are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened to their home.

The Red Cross is helping out, putting the couple in a hotel until they can sort through the mess and try to rebuild. 

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