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Backgate bridge speed limit confusing to some

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - After three years of nonstop construction, the backgate bridge is here permanently and so are many of the changes that come with it.

Now, the intersection where cars would be backed up for miles, could be seeing the opposite problem with those same changes.

“A lot more patrol,” described Keith Francis, a manager at Smith Turf & Irrigation near the intersection. “Cops are definitely watching out for folks who are speeding."

Francis says lately a lot of cars are tacking on more time to their commute, and not by choice.

He and other nearby businesses say officers are often waiting right at the end of the bridge.

“They've been active, generally at the top of the bridge, catching folks coming over,” He said. “A lot of folks don't realize that the speed limit is 45.”

That 45-mile-per-hour speed limit came when the bridge opened up for the first time several months ago.

Leading up to the southbound bridge, cars can drive 55 miles per hour, but that slower speed limit remains once you drive over Farrow Parkway.

Myrtle Beach Police tells WMBF News the department isn't aware of any speeding problems at this time, but it's digging into the numbers to see what's really going on.

Francis and other folks near that area say they have no problem with the change. Drivers not used to the new speed limit may just be missing the signs.

“It's posted, it's 45. If you're not cautious and you're not picking up on the changes of speed limits, yeah it's definitely going to get you.”

We did also reach out to SCDOT today about whether this change could be permanent. The department says traffic engineers will analyze the intersection in the next few days and could consider going back to the old speed limit.

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