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Plans in the work to improve 5 Points Intersection; updates needed

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Plans are in the works to try and fix a major intersection in the City of Florence.

The Director of Florence County Planning said improving the Five Points intersection could take years and the reason behind that delay is funding and priorities.

“While five points does represent dangerous situations it is also competing with many other intersections throughout the county that rank higher in terms of actual deaths,” said Jay Graham, Florence County planning director.

Graham said there are lists of roads, bridges and intersections that need to be updated or fixed, but those fixes cost money and that's what's slowing down those projects.

WMBF News told you about the $2 million Cashua Road widening project underway. When that projects wraps up the county will only have limited funds to even consider starting to work on a new road improvement project.

“In 2017, when the Cashua widening project is complete we will have approximately $336,000 to look at,” Graham said.

Five Points is not the next project in line for funding. Each road project is prioritized based on just how dangerous it is to drivers.

“What happened at Five Points is tragic. A fatality at any intersection anywhere regardless of how many fatalities have happened at any intersection is a tragic event,” Graham said.

That crash as Five Points happened last week, taking the lives of a young couple when the car they were in collided with a pickup truck.

Although fixing and improving five points is a ways off, there is a tentative plan to improve the flow of traffic in the area.

“One thing that has been looked at by the consultant is an access management strategy which would encourage access to the businesses from the side streets, backways that would take the pressure off of the intersection,” Graham said.

And that 2nd option is building a two-lane roundabout.

These suggestions for fixing the Five Points intersection are just preliminary and there won't be a concrete plan until 26 million dollars can be found, and it's the Five Points area's turn on the list to get updated.

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