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DHEC: STD cases rise in recent years in Horry County

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new study links social media and dating apps like Tinder with a national uptick in STD cases. The
number of STD cases reported in Horry County over the last few years has been on the rise, and local doctors believe the theory that technology has something to do with it. 

According to DHEC, reported Chlamydia cases went from 1,259 in 2011 to 1,316 in 2013. There was also a rise in Gonorrhea cases -- from 274 in 2011 to 358 in 2013. AIDS and Syphilis cases also increased in that time frame.

The study suggests a link between hook-up sites and apps that make it easy to find a casual partner with the tap of a finger, and a jump in the number of people getting STDs.

Dr. Ronald Reynolds with Beach Urgent Care said anything that makes it easier to meet people and have sexual contact will increase the possibility of getting sexual diseases, "especially in the internet world where you might not know that person to the same degree, might not have that much information about them," Dr. Reynolds explained. "The way it is presented to you might not be completely accurate. And as such, it's going to increase your chances."

Dr. Reynolds said in this day and age, young people aren't always smart when they meet someone online, and they're at particular risk.

"Concerns that we've had in recent years - although they're just as valid now as they have been before- might not be focused on to the same degree," Dr. Reynolds said. 

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