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Fake diplomas land real jobs

(NBC) - This is college graduation season and it turns out some of those new graduates didn't spend a second in class.

So why do they have diplomas?

Experts say people have used bogus degrees to get real jobs.

Now, employers are fooled; coworkers tricked!

And turns out, fakery is a booming business.

Anyone can purchase diplomas online by searching “Fake College Diploma. Actually, dozens of sites pop up.

Fake degrees from prestigious universities.

You can even get transcripts, complete with classes and official-looking codes.

Judith Eaton, president council for higher education accreditation, calls this a travesty.

Eaton said it can be illegal to use the fake document, but it's perfectly legal to buy them.

When you get the package in the mail just like we did, it says, 'all diplomas and transcripts are to be used as novelties or replacements. They are not real and should not be used as real documents.' But it doesn't say that anywhere on the diplomas themselves.

Transcripts read "official document" all over it, similar to a watermark.

Eaton concludes the intent is to confuse people and to mislead them, that you have a credential that you have not earned.

Another growing issue she says, online diploma mills from fake universities. A school administrator in Rhode Island resigned caught using a fake degree, and a fire chief in Georgia forced to resign, too.

Eaton said it's a multi-billion dollar industry, worldwide.

And once you fake graduation college, you need a real job.

There are people who specialize in that, too.

William Schmidtowner is the owner of CareerExcuse.com and has landed jobs for nearly 800 people.

Schmidt is in the business of selling lies, and he's proud of it.

People hire Schmidt to be a professional reference for them at bogus companies.

Pay Schmidt a fee and Presto! He'll make you a fake resume touting all your phony experience.

Schmidt charges up to $200 for his services.

The diplomas don't come cheap either.

A fake Harvard University doctorate degree cost $250.

Fake transcripts cost $440.

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