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Decades-old school policy has some parents asking questions

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A school policy that has existed for decades in Florence School District One is turning some parents' heads.

The question is all over a letter sent home to parents that informs parents that they may have a choice to send their child to another school based on their race.

“Historically, the way our city is laid out, students are zoned for a school where their race may be in the majority,” said Pam Little-McDaniel, spokesperson for Florence School District One.

This transfer means a child can break school zones to pick a school of their choice.

“When that happens students and their parents have an opportunity to transfer where their race is in the minority,” Little-McDaniel said.

This policy has been this way as far back as anyone can remember and was established by the district's board.

“It gives students and their parents a choice,” Little-McDaniel said.

The district said it allows this policy so that if a student or parent would like to take advantage of a specific teacher or program offered at a school outside of district lines they can do so.

Not all schools are up for grabs, at the bottom of the letter Carver, Delmae, Dewey Carter and McLauren schools are not available for Majority to Minority Transfers because they are near the ratio of 50 percent black to 50 percent white students.

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