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Road crews pave Florence roads first time in 50 years

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Multiple roads across the City of Florence are being paved. Some roads that haven't been paved in more than 50 years.

Road crews have begun working in the northern and western parts of Florence.

“It costs a lot of money to resurface these roads," said Alphonso Bradley, Florence County council member. "Especially in inner city northwest Florence, there are a lot of really long streets,” he added.

Bradley said part of the reason it took 50 years to get attention for the roads was the price tag.

It costs about $100,000 to fully repave a street but nearby residents say it's money well-spent.

“I guess now they are trying to do something. They need to pay more attention to this community,” said Shawn Cole who lives in North Florence.

Cole said for years he has heard stories of the roads damaging cars.

Damage including knocking, busting of tires, and causing the need for alignments, Cole said.

Although work has just ramped up drivers can already see some major improvements.

In total, the area is slated to see $4 million in road updates. All of which are being paid for by the second capital sales project, voters approved through a referendum last November.

Council members spoke to people living in the area for feedback before selecting the roads to be repaired.

“We want the people to know that this is not any mixture or any reclaimed asphalt. This is quality,” Bradley said.

Most roads are expected to be complete by the end of June.

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