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Crime scene reports shed light on child-involved shooting

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Crime scene reports shed new light on shooting incident involving a 3-year-old child.

Police: 3-year-old child in critical condition after shooting Saturday

According to law enforcement, police responded to Grand Strand Medical Center around 1 p.m. Saturday. Officers were advised that the child was shot at a residence on Carnation Circle in Myrtle Beach. Police believe the child may have unintentionally found a firearm in a dresser drawer, and accidentally caused it to discharge.

The crime report states that at the apartment building on Carnation Circle, ‘parties on scene advised that the several young children that were staying in the apartment were all playing, at which point they stated they heard a loud noise come from the master bedroom.'

In that room, the report shows the adults discovered a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber handgun, which belonged to the child's uncle.

“The handgun had been kept inside the top dresser drawer,” states the report, noting the projectile went through the front of the drawer, striking the 3-year-old. The victim's mom and uncle rushed the child to the hospital in a personal car.

The officer on-scene found the handgun still sitting inside the dresser drawer on the bedroom floor, as well as a bullet hole through the front face of the drawer, according to the report. It also describes pieces of debris on the floor that ‘appeared to have come from the drawer as the bullet made impact.'

The bullet had lodged itself into the mattress and was still inside it when both CSI and CID united responded. Officers were forced, the report said, to damage the mattress to pull out the bullet and secure it as evidence.

The scene was processed by CSI and photos were taken of the area, including the drawer and the handgun.

Based on the evidence and witness testimony, officers believe the shooting was accidental. At this time, no charges have been filed.

The Horry County Police Department explained that in order to be charged with a crime, there needs to be an intent to cause harm. Officers do not believe that applies to this case.

When asked why it would not be considered negligence for having a loaded gun accessible to the child, the HCPD explained that in order to be charged for negligence, the child would have to be put into unbelievable circumstances.

For example, if a loaded gun was left on the table of a playroom where the child was able to access it. Since the gun was left in a top dresser, away from the kids playing, in a room where they did not stay, officers did not feel that charge applied in this case.

While the child was in the hospital, officials said the family started fighting in the parking lot of Grand Strand Medical Center.

Yul Grayson Harley is accused of firing off a shot, with the intent to kill. However, it is not clear how Harley is related to the man he shot, or to the child.

The last update from police stated the child is in critical condition, has had a surgery, and is stable.

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