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Organizers respond to parking lot, shuttle cost criticism

 MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While many people may think $50 per person to park is too much, event organizers feel the price is fair. 

"The fact that we've also been selling, a 100-150 shuttle passes a day, it really speaks to the fact that folks, some folks do think it's an affordable option, and that's exactly what it is, an option," said Amie Lee, president and CEO of Palmetto Event Productions.

Lee and the company are working hand-in-hand with festival organizers.

She says about 500 people have already signed up for the shuttle service option.

"If you break it down, it's $50 per person for the three days, it comes out to $16.50 cents per day, that is going to allow you to park your vehicle on site, on a secure parking lot, and ride an air-conditioned motor coach," she added. 

Lee says about 1,900 parking spaces will be available.

When staff members check people in, they'll be given a wristband specifically for the shuttle and parking lot area. 

"Either going to have to show your paid receipt where you purchased the pass online, or show your receipt on your smart phone. Once you do that, we are going to be giving you a wristband for all three days," Lee said. 

Lee believes Thursday's crowd will be mostly local, and expects they'll find other parking options.

The parking lot here will open for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only and when people come back to park for the second day, staff members will be checking their wrists. 

"All you need to do is show your wristband to shuttle attendees and they will let you right in," Lee said. 

The motor coach service out of Conway will be running 13 hours per day and Lee says each coach will seat 48 to 52 people at a time. 

For those who feel caught off guard by the price, Lee says this information has been posted on the festival website, social media, and in email blasts, for about three weeks now.

Lee said she feels it's common for people to nail down details when the event is right around the corner.

"It's really those last two weeks, where people are really planning their visit, and parking is of course one of those logistics, that, at that point, they are really trying to finalize," Lee explained. 

Lee says their main goal was to provide a safe option for people to park, and get to the event.

When they compared the price to other events, nationwide, the cost is actually below average.

Lee expects at least 1,000 to 1,500 shuttle passes to be sold by the time the festival starts..

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