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One Myrtle Beach restaurant gets a 'B' on this week's Scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On this week's Restaurant Scorecard, one Myrtle Beach restaurant received a B grade from the Department of Health and Environmental control, but all the others received As.

Red Parrot Ocean Bar and Grill scored 82 out of 100 from DHEC inspectors during a routine inspection on May 26, earning it a B, with most of the violations corrected during the inspection. The only problems that weren't immediately corrected were: a probe thermometers was not provided, and the cooler gasket was in poor repair. An inspector will return within 10 days of the inspection for a follow-up.

House of Blues in Myrtle Beach scored an 88 out of 100, earning it an A, according to the DHEC inspection report. Points were deducted because the pressure gauge on the dishwasher was not readily visible without the use of a ladder, the ice scoop handle was in the ice, cutting boards had deep cuts, the floor was unsealed and damaged in some areas, and the light in the dish wash area was not shielded.

Kitchen Restaurant and Lounge in North Myrtle Beach also got an 88 out of 100. Points were taken off because no employee health policy or vomit and diarrheal cleanup policy were provided, there was no visible thermometer in the refrigerator, the exit door did not completely self-close, single service cups were stored on the floor, a chlorine test kit was not provided, ceiling tiles in the kitchen were water damaged, and there was inadequate light in the kitchen at cook line.

Deborah's Kitchen in Georgetown received a 99, the Melting Pot in Myrtle Beach got a 99, and Safari Grill in Conway got a 98.

You can view each of this week's DHEC reports in PDF format here.

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