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Plans in place to build 2 Walmarts in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - More major development is coming to downtown Myrtle Beach as a major grocery chain plans to build two new locations.

The City of Myrtle Beach said plans have been submitted to build not one, but two new Walmart Neighborhood Markets. One would go in at the Village Square shopping center at 38th Avenue North and Kings Highway, and the other at 17th Avenue South, in a mostly undeveloped, empty space. But businesses at both locations have very different opinions on the changes headed their way.

People and businesses at the proposed 38th Avenue North location say the shopping center could use drastic revitalization. 

"I think it's just going to be phenomenal," Deborah Broker, who lives in the area said. "The area kind of looks like a ghost town basically, and there's nothing to draw them to the area."

Businesses there said they are under the impression that no one is going to be evicted, but some may have to move to different locations in the shopping center.

The plans presented to the city are a revamp of a proposal the city shot down back in February.

Wayne Burkart, owner of Burkey's Grill he said at the meeting when the plans were first presented to the Community Appearance Board. He said the board told the design team that the design needed to encompass changes to the entire shopping center, not just the planned space for the Neighborhood Market.

Burkart said years ago the shopping center was a popular spot. 

"We had a Walmart here in the early ‘90's. We had the shopping center filled. We had a WinnDixie, and it was wonderful. The volume was great."

The proposal on the other end of town, at 17th Ave South between Kings Highway and Yaupon Drive is a different story.

On the edge of all the undeveloped land, is a strip of businesses on Kings Highway that lease their stores.

"This whole strip mall, this whole mini mall has got to go," Chris Davis with Beach Vape said. He said the strip mall owner told businesses a few months back they would have to move by the end of June, at the end of their lease.

Davis said his store has found a new location but is still concerned about the plans. 

"It's going to create more traffic, it's going to congest us already, worse than what it already is in the summertime."

Davis said It's a big-name retailer coming in to displace wildlife and possibly take business from local businesses. 

"Do we really need another Walmart? No."

The plans for both Walmart Neighborhood Markets are expected to go before the city's Community Appearance Board as a conceptual review next week.

Nothing will be voted on or decided, the board will discuss the plans and give input on what they like and what would need to change before approval is granted.

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