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Facebook, phone records could crack open robbery, kidnapping case

. - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Quartis Hemingway is facing charges ranging from armed robbery to kidnapping, and common technology could crack the case.

It comes down to a phone number and a Facebook photograph. 

The victims claim they were able to get the last number calling their cell from their phone company. When they plugged the number into Facebook , they immediately recognized the photo as the man they say robbed them at gunpoint.

The crime in question happened in January 2014, but the victims, a husband and a wife, said they are still terrified for their safety to this day.

“Mario and his wife are tied up with tape, hands behind their back,” started Assistant Solicitor Austin Thomas during his opening statement.

Mario Aldan, Thomas explained, was meeting an unknown male to buy a used car to sell for scrap metal. Aldan said that man along with two others ambushed him, putting a gun to his head and grabbing his throat.

He then claims those three men pulled his wife from the car and teared the jewelry off of her. The testimony continued to say the men robbed the couple of $1,600 and two cell phones before duct taping their hands behind their backs.

“Before they leave, the defendant fires off a warning shot near their heads as they're face down into the ground,” Thomas told the jury.
Aldan didn't immediately go to police.

“They threatened to kill them and their family,” continued Thomas.

When he did go to police, he brought evidence, recognizing the man in the Facebook account attached to the phone number which called him to organize the meet up. 

A man he said he believes is Quartis Hemingway.

The Public Defender, Buddy Long, grilled the Horry County Police Officer involved in the case about the possibility of someone else posting on the Facebook account.

A representative with AT&T told jurors it is a prepaid phone with no name or address attached.

The last piece of testimony jurors heard before heading home for the night included information regarding cell towers pinpointing that cell phone in the area of the crime. It's the same area officers said is Quartis Hemingway's registered address.

The jury will return to hear closing arguments Friday morning. 

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