18-year-old art student uses his passion to make his way in life

18-year-old art student uses his passion to head make his way in life

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Eighteen-year-old Aaron Williams is a senior at the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology who loves to sketch and loves digital art. He discovered his talent to draw way back in 2nd grade. Two years ago, he got serious with it and decided to major in the Digital Communications program at the specialty high school.

"I had a love for art but I also had a love for technology, so originally when I came here it was between art and DC [Digital Communications], but my love for technology and art meshed together in Digital Communications," Williams said.His talent has garnered him local and national recognition. His digital design on a school project was chosen for the school brochures to advertise the school, and his poster got first place for the 2015 National Women's Foundation's poster contest.

Williams said, for him, it's no big deal.

"To get to the point where it's widely used, you've already spent a lot of time looking at it, so you're not sick of it, but your eyes just kind of glance over it," Williams said.

Right now, the senior is finishing up finals and plans to head to Horry Georgetown Technical College next fall to continue his education in the field, and it's one he's already pretty advanced in, having already worked for pay in the field during an internship at Startup SC.

"At the time I was really the only graphic design person there, so it felt more like a job and not like interning, so I would get a task like make this 41-slide powerpoint by this date, and I would go there for two days and work from home and complete it," he said.

The talented young man says he knows he's on the right path.

"My passion is what drives me most of the time," he said.

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