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Local fish markets optimistic as shrimp season kicks off

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Wednesday opened in-shore shrimp season in South Carolina.

When getting shrimp from a local market or from a favorite restaurant, if shrimp season doesn't go well, seafood lovers feel it in the pocket.

Seafood markets say water temperature and weather patterns dictate whether a shrimp season will be plentiful or disappointing. Right now, all is on track for fishing boats to be hauling in shrimp.

"I think it'll be good," Louie Gelormini, owner of Fish Monger Seafood said. "I think it'll be a good year this year. So far, it's early. They're getting out early. The last two years, shrimp season opened up in May. Two years before that it opened up in June. I'm seeing, I'm seeing so far they're out. And that's good. It's early in May and I like to see that."

As far as what restaurants offer, shrimp markets said prices at restaurants usually increase at least a little each year, and menus for the summer are typically set in April.

On the first day of the season, a number of people came into Fish Monger Seafood asking for shrimp.

Gelormini said shrimp sales account for nearly half of what his seafood market will sell in a given summer on the Grand Strand.

The boats are out Wednesday, and by Friday, seafood will be able to dine on shrimp caught in local waters.

For those wondering what is needed to go shrimping alone or with kids, it isn't as easy as walking down a pier.

“You have to get licensed for it, and you have to check your rules and regulations. It involves chum blocks, cast nets," Gelormini explained. "You have to make sure it's a certain size mesh on your net. So there's a little looking into. But basically, calling up DNR, Department of Natural Resources or going and picking up one of the rules and regulations books, it'll explain everything you need to do.”

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