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City leaders respond to public feedback after Bikefest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Dozens stood before the city council Tuesday afternoon to speak about this year's Bikefest. 

Mayor John Rhodes admits he didn't know what the city council was in for Tuesday afternoon. All they knew was that people were going to speak about Bikefest, and some speakers used the chance to apologize for what they said last year.

"This year, I apologize, and want to say this year you did a great job. I appreciate it, I apologize," one resident said as he clapped. 

"Thank you, Thank you," another added.

"I think too often you don't hear the positive, and I wanted to be here today to tell you what an outstanding job you did," another business owner said. 

Council members said they can breathe easy Tuesday night, after admitting they were nervous when so many people signed up to speak.

Randal Wallace said it was "very rewarding to see the public appreciates the work that went into this plan, and to know we got through this Memorial Day with a level of success." 

The feedback wasn't the only pleasant surprise.

"We had people coming up to our police officers and saying thank you for being here, because we feel safe, and there was a lot of apprehension, about what was going to happen this year with the climate in through our country, nobody knew," Mayor John Rhodes said.

One thing Mayor Rhodes would like to see change for next year: bikers revving their engines as loud as they could, burnouts, and reckless driving.

"...because once they got on the boulevard they were fine because they didn't have room to do it, but out on 17, Kings Highway, that was different. So if we can create that a little bit, I think we will have a much safer holiday weekend," Rhodes added.

Overall, he feels the plan and attitudes lined up, and he says he's confident in what was most successful: "I think the loop and the barricades," Rhodes said.

Because of this year's success, Rhodes says people can expect to see a very similar safety plan next year, traffic loop and all.

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