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Residents discouraged with Bikefest after seeing same problems from year before

 MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some residents are still discouraged after seeing reoccurring problems with Bikefest, despite the heavy police presence. 

In neighborhoods just off the boulevard, some residents are catching people using the bathroom on their property, sleeping in their cars, and throwing their trash to the side. they say the sad part is, those people are still getting away with it, despite the complaints neighbors made following last year's Bikefest. 

"Can you hear that?" said Linda Griffin as motorbike engines blared in the background. "Why? What is the purpose of that and going all night long and nothing being done? The police said, that they are going to enforce our laws. We have noise ordinances, why are they not being enforced?" 

Going on her fourth sleepless night, Linda Griffin and her neighbors say attitudes are just getting worse, and she says confronting them is next to impossible. 

"You know why are you doing this?! They just cuss you out, as to... you know, they have no respect, they have no respect for themselves! You don't use the bathroom in public!" Griffin said.

Not only has Griffin witnessed the Bermuda Sands overflow parking lot become a place where people sleep, she says they're also using it as a bathroom. 

Others say they've seen drug sales out of people's trunks. 

Griffin says people also seem to be using Chester Street and First Avenue North as a drag strip. 

"They are just laying the rubber down and it's going all night long - you can hear it from two to three blocks away," Griffin said.

After Friday night, Griffin and her neighbors thought this year would be much better, but after Saturday night, they feel it's not and find themselves discouraged. 

"I don't know what it's going to take, I honestly do not know what it's going to take," Griffin said.

Lt. Crosby says extra patrols have been brought in for the back streets, and they are continuing to evaluate which areas need the most attention. 

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