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Bikers ride the traffic loop for first time

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Bikers discovered traffic changes up and down the Grand Strand Friday night.

As for the loop and other traffic changes, the reviews were mixed from Atlantic Beach down to the boulevard.

"All this is nothing but an argument," said Dwayne Johnson, referencing the loop.

Some bikers staying in Atlantic Beach weren't too fond of the new traffic changes.

"I can understand right here in Atlantic Beach, because everyone is trying to get over, I can understand that, but down here on 17, come on now!" Johnson said.

As the loop winds around to the boulevard, some think it's overwhelming.

"Man it's crazy, there's too much going on," Frank Myers said.

While some business owners feel otherwise.

"I've seen a couple of good things, I've seen a couple of negative things. obviously some people think it's a little too much, after last year, I think it's not enough," Dick Todd explained.

The increase of police presence on the boulevard is obvious to some.

"More police, just taming everything more, last year was more better, to me I guess, they start putting these barriers up, I don't know I don't like it this year," Omar Mahmoud said.

Others knew the police were necessary to keep things calm.

"It looks like they are doing alright, it looks like they are doing a good job," Myers said.

"I want everyone to be safe and to have a good time, what we had happen last year was just absolutely ridiculous," Todd added.

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