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Bikers find hundreds of nails in field used for parking

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Vacationers in the area for Bikefest said they feel targeted after coming across hundreds of nails on the field where they were instructed to park.

"Pretty much a coward who wants to make a point, but is afraid to stand out and do something," said Washington James, who is visiting for Bikefest.

James and his friend, Roddney Rich, noticed the nails Tuesday when they were moving their trailers, which were at Barefoot Resort where they're staying, to a field nearby. Despite having a permit for parking, they were told trailers weren't allowed in the lot. However, when Rich first pulled into the dirt road to try to comply, he had to stop his truck.

"I stopped because I started to see the trend going forward," Rich said. "I picked up underneath my trailer and behind my trailer hundreds of nails that could've punctured my tires."

The nails, which appeared shiny and unused, lined the dirt road leading to the field and there were also clumps of nails around the field itself.

"I feel like this was deliberately done to cause danger or harm to our vehicles or motorcycles with the intent of deterring us from parking over here or causing us problems going home," Rich said.

The contractor for the owner of the field didn't know how the nails had gotten there and had a crew use magnets to clean them up Wednesday afternoon. They did collect some rusty nails along with the newer-looking ones. Nobody knows how long the nails have been there or why they're there.

"We've come to expect something to go wrong. Never of this magnitude," Rich said. "But still we're not going to let it deter us. We're just going to find a way to enjoy ourselves and keep on with our vacations."

North Myrtle Beach police, Horry County police and the AAA Carolinas office in Myrtle Beach have not received any recent reports of other incidents like this.

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