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Consider This: Set the stage with the right attitude

We just wrapped up the spring Harley Rally and it is being called a success by local businesses. Arrests were down from last year and fortunately there were no fatalities on the road. It's great to see that the Grand Strand can host an event like this with such positive results.

We are a tourist destination and we welcome people to come spend their vacation and money here.

There is nothing better than to have record numbers of visitors, hotel reservations and money spent in local stores and restaurants.

Consider This: As we gear up for Bikefest, the visitors and locals need to continue this positive momentum. If people stop choosing to visit our community…our economy, livelihoods and growth are in trouble.

We know the potential for violence and dangerous situations, but let's make sure we are going into this with the right attitude to hopefully set the stage for another positive week.

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