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County council gives green light to revitalize Loris neighborhood

 HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County council members passed an ordinance to revitalize a Loris neighborhood.

The Bennett Loop revitalization plan is the second one the county has taken on, and it's part of the county's master plan.

The Bennett Loop neighborhood in Loris is right behind the airport. It's not really a loop, just a long, curved, dead-end road. The road is littered with trash, and numerous burned-down, abandoned, or dilapidated homes.

Part of the county's master plan is to go into low to moderate-income areas and try to connect with the community members and local churches, in order to gauge what their interests and concerns are. Then, they come up with a plan to get the community involved in the revitalization and give them a roadmap on how to achieve that.

The first one done was in Racepath about two years ago and it's doing very well, according to Lisa Bourcier, county spokeswoman. 

So for Bennett Loop, the county is using some of the same criteria. When they did the surveys in this neighborhood, the majority of what people were concerned with included drugs, crime, and no sidewalks or street lights.

"We're able to go in there and help them establish goals as a community. And we're able to assist with clean-ups, able to secure some grant money to rehab some of the homes that are debilitated, and able to rehab them and make them livable for them, and any additional type of infrastructure that they may need in that area,” says Bourcier.

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