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New ZIP Code assigned to Summerville

COLUMBIA, SC—Effective July 1, 2015, the U. S. Postal Service is adding a new ZIP Code and changing boundaries in Summerville, SC, to keep up with an expanding number of deliveries in the area. Included in the new territory are the Cane Bay, Sangaree, Carnes Crossing and New Hope neighborhoods.

With the change, a new 29486 ZIP Code will be assigned to some Summerville delivery addresses. About 10,000 delivery customers will be affected by the changes. The boundaries of the current 29483 ZIP Code area will be revised as a result of the change. (See map below.)

All customers living in areas affected by the ZIP Code change have received notification letters with their new ZIP Code information, according to Summerville Postmaster, William S. Davie.

Davie asks all customers who received the notification letter to take note of their new ZIP Code and use it in their correspondence beginning in July. Otherwise, Postal services to residents in that location will exist today as they have in the past.

For example, beginning July 1, customers in the new Summerville 29486 ZIP Code area who receive notices for letters or parcels requiring a signature will continue to pick up those items at the Summerville Main Post Office, 301 N. Gum St. Summerville's Oakbrook Station will continue to offer existing window retail services and mail delivery will remain unchanged.

For a one-year grace period, the Postal Service will recognize both the new and replaced ZIP Codes to minimize any customer inconvenience. This one-year period allows customers time to notify regular correspondents and make changes to stationery and address labels.

According to Davie, reasons for the change include that ZIP Codes have a limited capacity of addresses before they become overburdened as tools for mail delivery.

“These changes are necessary so we can continue to provide excellent mail service,” said Davie. “ZIP Codes were created to help us provide efficient mail delivery. With these changes, we will be able to continue providing the level of service our customers expect for years to come.”

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