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Crews begin setting up barricades for Memorial Day weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – City crews continue to stage barricades in anticipation for the influx of traffic during the Memorial Day weekend.

Workers started to set up barricades on Monday morning along Ocean Boulevard, but it will take a few days before everything is set. The barricades will run along Ocean Blvd. sidewalks from 29th Avenue North to 29th Avenue South on both sides. These are meant to keep pedestrians out of the street and vehicles off the sidewalk.

The barricades will also be used to block all avenues and street-ends on the Traffic Loop.

Setting up the barricades is a tedious task. It takes one city worker to drive the truck, piled high with bicycle racks. Meanwhile, two others are on the flat bed grabbing the barricades and handing them down to two guys on the street. Then they slowly move down the block and lock them into place.

The crews generated a lot of attention on Monday. Pedestrians and business owners were stopping to ask what was going on. The general manager of Peaches Corner, Briggs Dickerson, says there's always extra traffic on the sidewalks during Memorial Day weekend, but he hopes the barricades won't add even more congestion by cramming everyone in a tight space.

“The preparation we're already seeing is more than what we usually see during Memorial Day weekend,” says Dickerson. “It will be interesting to see how the barricades up on the sidewalks will control the crowd and also business.”

Beyond the pedestrian barricades, the "no through traffic" signs will be placed at neighborhood streets and remain there through Memorial Day. The goal is to protect residential areas -- as much as possible -- from unnecessary motorcycle noise and traffic.

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