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Consider This: Good moments deserve recognition

Source: Lorenzo Adams on Facebook Source: Lorenzo Adams on Facebook

We have had a lot of news happening in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee and across the country, starting with Tropical Storm Ana bearing down on Myrtle Beach and most recently the horrible, deadly crash of the Amtrak train in Philadelphia.

A WMBF News investigation exposed how businesses right here in Horry County are laundering millions of dollars…with the money going to drug cartels and terrorist groups. And it's all legal.

Bike Fest starts in a week and many people are concerned about the crowds, the preparation and the potential violence.

But among all of these incredibly important events and topics…comes this cell phone video of a Bennettsville Police officer playing football with a group of kids. A man driving by saw it happening, got his cell phone out and started recording.

Consider This: it is important that we all pay attention to what is happening in our communities and neighborhoods. To be informed, question actions and demand answers. But, it is also important to find the moments and the people who make us a great community and can make us smile.

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