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Third time's the charm: Sushi restaurant scores DHEC inspection

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Managers of a popular sushi restaurant in Myrtle Beach say they terminated an employee and transferred a manager after two low-scoring DHEC inspections and tonight have a perfect score.

WMBF News went over the reports with Joe Sutherland, a consultant for Soho Steak and Seafood restaurant.

An inspection on April 20 resulted in a 56 out of 100 and a surprise follow up 3 days later resulted in a score of 71.

Popular Myrtle Beach Restaurant scores a '56' in its health inspection report

Popular sushi spot issued 'C' grade during follow-up inspection

Sutherland said inspectors told them they'd have 10 days to correct the problems after the first inspection, so some of the findings weren't fully corrected in time.

One of the highest deductions was for the improper washing of hands, and Sutherland says that employee was warned after the first inspection then terminated after failing to use soap during the 2nd inspection. He says that's one of several changes at the restaurant.

“We have completely restructured our management team and reassigned responsibilities and all of these areas, all of these issues will be looked at daily, more than daily, constantly, all day long. And you'll never see a situation like this again.”

A May 1 inspection revealed a perfect score of a 100. Sutherland says that's more in line with the success of SoHo for the past 15 years.

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