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Consider This: WMBF News is dedicated to local coverage

Memorial Day is now just a few weeks away, and city and county leaders are confident they have a plan in place that will keep the community safe.

We have covered Bike Fest extensively over the past year, because of the unacceptable level of violence it escalated to last year with three people murdered.

However, I received a hand written letter from a viewer saying he thought it was sad that Bikefest is getting so much coverage from WMBF News and there is none for the Military Appreciation events scheduled for May.

Consider This: It is our duty as a local news organization to cover controversial issues, question the powerful and advocate for our citizens to make sure information is available for people to make informed decisions.

But local events and celebrations of our military men and women who have served… are serving… and have made sacrifices for our country is extremely important to us as well. As are events that promote our cities, charities and local businesses. Please know you can count on us for all local coverage.

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