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Economic leaders discuss the future of ITAP

Source: Lisa Gresci Source: Lisa Gresci
 MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - MBREDC Leaders met with the Base Redevelopment Authority to discuss the future of the International Technical Aerospace Park. It's no secret that is a blank canvas, but a new game plan and the discovery of major funds saved for the development of the park, could change everything.

".. and it's over $500,000, so it's a significant chunk of change there," Buddy Styers said. 

Director of the Base Redevelopment Authority, Buddy Styers, says the authority was putting money towards ITAP, but no one with the MBREDC was aware of the funds until now.

For the first time, Myrtle Beach International Airport and the MBREDC are working together on the project.

".. and it really affirmed my thinking about, we need to be getting directly into the companies, that need, that type of park," Moore said. 

CEO and President of the MBREDC, Jim Moore, says the first step is targeting aeronautical companies directly.

"It's very, very important to have those, and give them that access, that this park offers on to the runway and to the rest of the airport," Moore explained. 

Moore says advertising online through social media or their website won't cut it anymore. Instead, he says they want to advertise on site. 

"As you know, we are heading into the time of year where we are going to have a whole lot of people, go by this park out here, on Farrow Parkway and on Howard," Moore said. 

There is some interest sparking for ITAP, including a local veterans clinic, already on base, that could be moving to fill some of the space.

Moore says he's also done a few tours, and part of the problem was getting the land "park-ready" so potential buyers would come in and picture their buildings going in. 

Moore believes filling the park would impact the entire community.

"Creating the types of jobs that will stay here, and not be something that three, four, five years, from now, they go away because they find somewhere else they can operate, these are the type of jobs that can be here and grow here, for a long time," Moore explained. 

Moore says this is only the kick off, and more and more people will know ITAP is open for business and for sale this summer.

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