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LoJack helps police track stolen vehicles

Source: Amy Lipman Source: Amy Lipman

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - LoJack is giving police an edge for solving stolen vehicle crimes.

"It's a very interesting product in terms of its ability to recover stolen cars," Briarcliffe Acres Police Chief Kyle Lamparter said.

A LoJack transmitter is installed into one of 20 different hiding spots inside a vehicle. When that vehicle is reported stolen, the transmitter will send out radio signals to receivers in the area, which some police officers are equipped with now. The receiver alerts an officer, gives the direction to the stolen vehicle and how close in proximity it is.

LoJack is what led to a stolen vehicle being tracked down in Horry County April 30.

"We actually identified the vehicle based on the LoJack alert because the LoJack alert is also giving the officer a stronger signal indication as you get closer to the stolen vehicle," said Chief Lamparter, who participated in finding that vehicle.

LoJack uses radio triangulation, which continues working when GPS might not, Lamparter said.

"Such as putting a stolen motorcycle in the back of a truck or parking it in the garage," he said. "It'll continue to track those vehicles even when those vehicles are hidden."

Lamparter said LoJack has played its role in the area by helping law enforcement track locally-owned stolen vehicles as well as stolen vehicles that have been brought here.

He said some people don't even know they have LoJack if they aren't the original vehicle owner, but the system continues working for the life of the vehicle.

"We were actually able go to the area in Socastee where the stolen motorcycle was hidden and recover the motorcycle even though the owner of the motorcycle did not know that he had LoJack," he said.

Lamparter recommends drivers don't leave their keys in the ignition unattended and also don't keep spare keys in the car. That accounts for about 25 percent of motor vehicle thefts, he said.

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