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Witness: Shooter randomly fires at homes, vehicles

A bullet strikes the windshield of a car in a Conway neighborhood. A bullet strikes the windshield of a car in a Conway neighborhood.
. - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Bullet holes appearing in a Conway neighborhood have witnesses believing someone is driving through the area, shooting a gun randomly into the residential area.

The damage was done to two different properties off Myrtle Ridge Drive on Sunday night, one on Chateau Drive and a second on Crusade Circle.

One man was outside when someone fired a shot towards his home.

"It is scary when...you know, your life can change in a moment. Makes you grateful for what you have," reflected Eric Ness.

It's the lesson Ness is taking from a near miss in his own front yard. Sunday night around 9:30 p.m. he walked outside to take out the trash.

"I step out the door and hear a popping sound," he described.

He couldn't place the noise at first, but it didn't take him long to see the damage done.

"I looked around for debris or something and noticed there was a bullet hole in my windshield," said Ness.

It was a stroke of luck for the truck to be there as it acted as a barrier to the bullet.

"I parked my truck where I never park my truck and it actually went through the windshield and if it would have gone through, it would have hit me in the neck or the chest," said Ness.

Ness immediately called Horry County Police, while police were on-scene a second call came through. 

A second police report shows this time a front window of a house just a few blocks away was hit. Inside the home, police found evidence of the ammunition. 

That neighbor was able to get the car on camera, it matched the same description Eric Ness gave to police officers of a white four-door Buick, possibly an early-mid 1990s model.

"Scary to think there's just someone out there acting like an idiot that could hurt you," shared Ness.

Ness said he doesn't believe the shooter was intentionally aiming for people, but rather just shooting off at random, striking cars and homes. He worries about what would happen if his young son was outside and hopes the police are able to catch the person, or people, responsible.

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