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Surfside Beach police plan for May bike events

he panel for Thursday night's town hall meeting was made up of Surfside Beach Police Officers and Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police. he panel for Thursday night's town hall meeting was made up of Surfside Beach Police Officers and Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police.

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF)-The Surfside Beach Police Department is partnering with the Myrtle Beach Police to inform the public on upcoming bike events. 

The panel for Thursday night's town hall meeting was made up of Surfside Beach Police Officers and Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police.

Chief Rodney Keziah with the Surfside Beach Police Department explained the department's plan would stretch through the three bike events in May. 

He said these events include: the bike rally which falls on Mother's Day Weekend, the Spring Harley Rally, the weekend after, and Myrtle Beach's Memorial Day Bikefest event. 

Keziah explained every officer would be working through May's bike events, but they will also have help from 11 state-provided officers, and South Carolina Highway Patrol's motorcycle team. 

The department's plan involves an education process. 

Keziah said they will be using social media sites, the town's website, the community notification system or NIXLE, and they've also handed out welcome brochures for rental companies to give to vacationers, to spread the word about their plan. 

The Surfside Beach Police Department also plans to work with the surrounding agencies through the entirety of the Memorial Day Weekend.  Keziah says they will be in constant communication with the Horry County Emergency Operations Center, the Command Post in Myrtle Beach, and the Public Information Command Post. 

Keziah feels this will help the department know what's happening in the surrounding areas. 

Lt. Kenneth Hofmann with the Surfside Beach Police Department says visibility will be a key factor of their plan, and officers will be on the look out for speeding, alcohol, narcotics, and noise disturbances. 

Hofmann says each officer will act to their own discretion to decide what will calm any given situation, whether it be education, warning, an arrest, or towing a vehicle. He says officers will act fair, friendly, and firm and they will treat everyone with respect, and there will be two officers to a police vehicle, as well as undercover officers.

Hofmann asked the community to keep them well-informed by calling their non-emergency dispatch line. 

"Call, get on the phone with dispatch, let them know what the problem is, where it is, give us the best description you can of what's going on. If there's a particular problem that's happening or if it's a repetitive problem with traffic, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will get an officer out there as quickly as we can," Hofmann said. 

During Thursday night's town hall meeting, Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department also briefed the citizens on the traffic loop and some questioned whether or not the loop will work. 

"So, yes we might solve a traffic problem, but no we are not going to solve the problem of people in the hotels.. selling drugs, which could, you know get people killed again," Charles Moshier said. 

Moshier doesn't feel a traffic loop should be part of the plan for one event, and not the other bike events during the month of May.

However, Lt. Crosby says the Bikefest event generates more traffic, including, bikes, cars and pedestrian traffic, than the other events, and others agreed. 

Horry County resident, Mike Grehl, says he's seen first-hand what the problems are, and though he wasn't working at the time of the shooting, last year, he worked security at the Wave Rider Resort. 

Grehl has faith in the traffic loop and the hours of operation, "because that's the worst times of it," he said. "They're burning out on Ocean boulevard, showing off in front of the motels, and of course there's alcohol at least in it, and with the flow to keep them moving, they are not going to be able to stop and do that and that I think caused a lot, because they were stopping at different places, and starting altercations,: Grehl said. 

Charles Moshier wasn't convinced. 

"That's where all of the tie ups are going to be on Ocean Boulevard, now what if some guy dumps a bike in the side of the road? That's going to stop everything all up Ocean Boulevard," Moshier asked. 

Lt. Crosby and Chief Keziah said they had contingency plans for a series of given situations. 

Both say they are working with other agencies for these plans to be successful if a situation calls for them and some residents, feel confident all of the planning will pay off, and this year's bike events will go smoothly. 

"Every stone has been over turned..'in case, in case, in case...' and the back up plan like, Lt. Crosby said tonight, about plan B....they're set for anything, Grehl said. 

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