Troubled student is turning his situation around

Trouble student is turning his situation around

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Inside the career guidance resource office at Ocean Bay Middle School, you'll find 14 year old Hunter Shover who visits with his counselor, Don Weaver, to learn life skills.

Following a tragic time in the student's life, Weaver says Shover was troubled. He hated school, hated his teachers and had issues with authority.

"I was not behaving, it was just bad," said Shover.

All year, Weaver, along with Tara Albohn, Shover's ELA, teacher, have been helping get Shover on the right track. Weaver helped him into the Careers in Aviation Program, which focuses on leadership, and he landed a job at McDonalds, where he's of the youngest on staff and currently works 16 hours a week

"Mr. Weaver helped me with my interview and helped build my confidence to go up to them and apply," said Shover.

Albohn says she has formed a special relationship with the teen, and his grades are now turning around.

"I see so much potential in him and his work ethic is really strong, and I just see him doing really well in the future," she said.

And it's a future that's looking brighter every day for the young man. He likes to play golf with his brothers and wants to join the Navy, like his father.

He says the toughest thing about being a teen is school, but that he's working harder every day to ensure success.

"I just hope to succeed and make money," he said.

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