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Recent arson attacks follow Marion City councilman to his home, with his children inside

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Marion City Councilman Emerson Hunt fell victim to three separate arson attacks this month.

Nearly the entire side of Emerson Hunt's home is scorched, but what he finds most offensive: his children were in the home at the time. Hunt's son was sleeping in his room when what police believe was a pipe bomb was thrown. The bomb landed just below his son's bedroom window.

"If you wanted my attention, come to me, I'll give you my attention. You don't target a person's children and their family, that's just terrorism," Hunt said.

Despite the two other attacks on ambulances with his medical transport business, Extreme Medical, this month,  Emerson Hunt says he doesn't know of anyone who would have it out for him.

Hunt was in disbelief when he got the call from his daughter late Tuesday night.

"My heart just dropped to the floor. And when she heard it, it was like a bomb. Boom!" Hunt explained.

Hunt says he got the call around 11:45 p.m. He got home so fast; neighbors say he arrived before police and firefighters.

"Just the sides of the vinyl and the ground was burning, he had thrown water on most of it," Adams said.

Next door neighbor Tyrone Adams agrees: this attack takes things to another level.

"It's more of an emotional thing than anything else. Because, that didn't have to happen, not that way anyway," Adams said. 

"The worst part is my children, they have to live in the fear, and the threat of, not knowing that, if they lay down at night, will they be able to get up in the morning?" Hunt said.

Hunt's children are no longer in the home, but he will be and even though the person or people responsible for the attacks are still out there and know where he lives, he won't be living in fear.

"They won't scare me, but they may strike again. I won't back down from people just because they feel like they can make me afraid, by burning my property," Hunt explained.

As of now, Hunt is taking the safety of his family into his own hands and the attacks are still under investigation

If you know anything at all, you're asked to call police.

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