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New gates set to open at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The old terminal building at the Myrtle Beach International Airport will open to the public May 9.

Since the beginning of the year, crews have been working to strip and gut the older building. Now, they are wrapping up the finishing touches on newly renovated gates.

“The look, the design, matches the new terminal which opened April, 2013,” explained Kirk Lovell with the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

He pointed out that for many people, they will hardly notice that when they walk into Concourse B, they are actually walking into the old terminal building.

“We don't want people to feel they're going from a new to an old, or an old to a new building. It flows seamlessly,” he said. In order to accomplish that look, it took a complete overhaul of the old building.

“All new tile, new ceilings, new carpet. There will be new chairs coming in. we have plants. We've redone the skylight, sealed every gasket, taken every piece of glass out,” explained Lovell.

In addition, the concourse will be set in three separate zones. Each zone has a gate that can be moved depending on how busy the airport is at the time.

“So, we can open and close as the season gets bigger and smaller. Allows us to save on operating maintenance costs. Allows us to cut back on cleaning and security and stay affordable,” said Lovell.

Where passengers used to take the escalator is now a sealed off floor, set to host a new restaurant called Pavilion Grill. Underneath that section, where the former ticketing and security checkpoints used to be, are offices.

“That's on hold right now. The main emphasis is on getting B open,” said Lovell when asked which businesses may move in to the office space.

Another project on hold is building a new façade out front.

However, the airport is currently focusing on getting the new gates open along with updating the runway.

“They're actually done with the paving of the runway itself and they've started grooving it,” explained Lovell.

He believes the runway renovations should be complete by June.

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