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Downtown Myrtle Beach businesses frustrated after mounds of debris left behind

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Downtown Myrtle Beach businesses are frustrated. Construction crews working on the Majestic Shores Oceanfront Inn demolition took a several-weeks-long break, leaving behind mounds of debris.

It's easy to see driving past- there's a lot of work left to do.

The City of Myrtle Beach said there are plans in place to make sure the debris gets cleaned up. A city inspector noticed last week that crews weren't on the property working on the project. So, the property owner was contacted, and told the city the project was halted. A part for the removal equipment had to be ordered and that's what created the hold-up. The construction crew explained if one piece of equipment breaks, it can sideline the entire project for months.

Businesses say the same thing happened when the two motels next door to the Majestic Shores, The Golden Sands and Holiday South, were demolished last year.

"The debris sat for just about a year,” said Dan Mahon who works maintenance at the Vancouver Motel. “From the time they started, it was a year almost exactly. It was just a nightmare. So close to our business. And the windows are right here, you could hear everything."

And they are frustrated that the Majestic Shores debris is moving so slowly because they don't want history to repeat itself.

It's an eyesore, Mahon said, and turns away business. "We lost a lot of customers because of noise. We didn't let them know there was construction going on, but we didn't know when they were going to do this job so. We're just hoping this gets cleaned up a lot faster than last year."

In situations like this, if the owner doesn't finish the project, or if there's no work on the site for a solid 20 days or so, the city can go in and finish it then place a lien on the property. But city leaders don't want it to have to get to that point.

But businesses said they've dealt with problems with the three lots for years, and they're ready to move on. For years, they were run-down and attracted trouble and criminal behavior. Once they closed down, they attracted bugs and the homeless. Then when The Golden Sands and Holiday South were finally demolished, debris sat.

"Get this cleaned up as fast as possible,” Mahon said. “It's a nightmare for everybody around here."

The city said an inspector would be back out Tuesday or Wednesday to check up on the progress.

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