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Where will the 30K concertgoers park during country music festival?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Carolina Country Music Festival is set to be one of the biggest events ever to hit the beach. Now the challenge is to make sure everything goes off smoothly.

Event organizers came up with a way for you to get better access into the venue and all its amenities, an RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification wristband.

Concert organizers explained the new technology allows festival goers into the concert and to also purchase food, drinks and merchandise without using cash or a card. You'll be able to load money onto the wristbands online, through the Carolina Country Music Festival App or at kiosks at the concert.

There will also be social media stations at the concert that will link your wristband to Facebook and Twitter.

Event organizers said the big reason the festival is using the bands is to avoid fraud or wristband duplicates. Organizers claim the wristbands are hard to get off but if you do take it off, you won't be allowed back in the concert. This is to keep everyone safe, and the event under control.

Coty Carleson is the manager at Peaches Corner, downtown. He said he's seen these wristbands first hand, and he thinks they'll pay off.

“Paper tickets, they're easy to lose,” Carleson said. “Strap it to your wrist pretty tight, you're not gonna lose it. You can't really fake a wristband because most of them have a microchip in it. I think it would be a good idea.”

These wristbands are also meant to speed up any wait times at the concert. If you are going to the concert you're asked to update your account online and the wristbands will be mailed to your home starting next month.

Wristbands aren't the only development when it comes to the CCMF. Myrtle beach police are putting the final touches on their crowd control plan for the event.

Organizers expect between 25-30,000 people, each day, for the concerts.

Myrtle Beach City Council will make a decision, Tuesday, whether to declare events like the Carolina Country Music festival and Bikefest, extraordinary events; basically, any event that is overwhelming in size. This means city leaders can put tight restrictions on businesses or event attendees. For example, they could force businesses to close,  hire extra security, or any measure to assure the public's safety.

When it comes to parking for the event, the city has approved businesses in the downtown area to use their private lots to sell spaces. There will also be shuttles from the former location of the Myrtle Square Mall.

Tuesday, a local organization, New Directions, asked city council if it could manage some city parking spaces and use revenue collected towards its effort, to aid the homeless.

As far as driving during the weekend of the Country Music Festival. Police say 8th Avenue North from Kings Highway to the beach will be shut down, 9th Avenue will be used for one way traffic. Police plan to release their final traffic and security plan in the coming weeks.

Looking for a job?
There's a way you can work and attend a concert at the same time because the Carolina Country Music Festival is hiring.

If you want a job for the weekend of the festival, you have to go to the old site of Nacho Mama's on 9th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

The festival has a variety of positions to fill such as bartenders, servers, cooks, security, VIP girls and ticket sales.

Pay will range from minimum wage all the way up to salary managers. You could work any day, or all weekend during the concert.

The Carolina Country Music Festival is also looking for volunteers, and you can now sign up online.

Now, if you still want concert tickets, those are up for grabs online as well. There are still more acts to be announced for the concert weekend which will happen in the coming weeks.

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