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Cross-country cyclists stop in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Murdock Snarr has been on a roll for most of the past year. For more than 330 days, the 2014 Virginia Tech graduate, along with younger brother Jackson and cousin, Ben Snarr, has spent 8-9 hours biking across the entire country, sometimes up to 100 miles a day. 

This weekend, the second leg of their journey brought them to Myrtle Beach, offering them a chance to visit with family and a guaranteed place to rest.

"Some of the hardest stuff you run into is finding a place to sleep,” joked Murdock Snarr.

More than 30 relatives have hosted the Snarrs' for a night or so along the journey but most often they've found lodging through Warmshowers, an app that allows cyclists to find a place to stay, free of charge.

“We're fortunate enough to have a huge family but that still doesn't cover 300 days' worth of traveling,” reflected Murdock, “so we've found ourselves not knowing where we were going to sleep at 10:00 at night."

They've stayed with more than 100 total strangers but that's just part of an adventure filled with plenty of flat tires, sometimes several in a day, and some very interesting detours.

"This particular day, we were just coming out of New Orleans, and the map led us through a military base. We go by the first locked gate, which I should have known, next thing you know we're on a dirt road, from this dirt road we get led into the swamp,” said Jackson Snarr. “I walk down and I see some iron workers and I ask them 'what's going on?' They're like 'We've been in training for a week, just to get clearance to be out here. You can't be out here. I was lost in the adventure, that's all I can say."

That's just one link in a chain of events that propelled them to Myrtle Beach but for Murdock, the individuals they've encountered along way are what have made this trip one to remember.

“Through meeting random strangers, the kindness and everything else that I've seen, I've realized that the best part about this trip, without question, is the people,” said Murdock.

So far, Murdock has logged 12,300 miles, encompassing 39 states and 330 days. You can keep up with the cyclists and their daily progress, by checking Murdock's daily blog at

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